Android ‘L’ Keyboard, Wallpapers and Fonts available to download


Over the last few weeks there has been much speculation surrounding Google’s ‘Android L’. The speculation officially ended on Tuesday with Google formally introducing Android L at I/O. The new version of Android (which will be Android 5.0) has not officially received its Christened name yet and instead is still being referred to as simply ‘Project L’. However just to add to the gossip the two main contenders for ‘L’ are ‘Lollipop’ and ‘Lemonhead’ although we do not have any real confirmation it will be either of these at the moment.

During L’s introduction Google provided a number of screenshots and other pre-release images to show off its new UI look and feel. In addition to its public debut Google also yesterday publishes a preview release SDK of ‘L’ for enthusiasts and developers offering a first taste of what is to come. This is only a preview and as such is likely to be quite buggy and probably quite different to the final release which is due to land in late autumn. If you want to check out the new UI and its features then click here to download the SDK directly from Google.

However the bad news is the SDK is primarily for Nexus devices. For the rest of you, do not worry is here to help. Well, to be fair, xda are here to help as the clever boys and girls at xda have released a system dump for a number of ‘L’ features. For those of you who cannot wait and do not have a Nexus by visiting the xda thread you can now download the following features.

Android L Keyboard

This is a new look and feel keyboard which utilizes the new Android Material Design UI. There are two main links to download the keyboard. One for rooted and one for non-rooted devices. If you are rooted and want the keyboard then click here. For non-rooted users click here.

Other features

In addition to the new keyboard the guys at xda have also made available to download Android L wallpapers, fonts, and ringtones. These can also be downloaded via the same xda thread by clicking here. There is also a link on this thread to download the new L bootload animation. To see a quick demonstration of the animation click here.

Lastly, xda have also made available an update to ‘Google Play Services 5.0′ which includes support for Android wear products. If you are lucky enough to have one of the new android wear devices than this is a must. Google Play services 5.0 can be downloaded via the same thread as above or again by clicking here. This also includes updates to Play Games services, Chromecast, Drive and Wallet.

Before you download you must remember these files have all been made available as beta products and as such will not work with all devices. In addition these also maybe highly unstable or buggy and you should not expect a fully working product. In addition some of the features will require root to install so please check and read the thread prior to downloading anything.

Above all, remember the number one rule – backup. Try not to forget the second most important rule either – I said backup!

For those who do download let us know what you think of the new interface, UI, look and feel by posting a comment below.

John Anon
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