Android L Theme available for CM11 and PA users on Play Store


All the talk recently has been around Google’s new Android L operating system and when it will be released. We recently reported on some of the features of L which had been leaked and made available to download. We also advised last week of an L based Keyboard app which was also available to download which emulated the L keyboard expected sometime later in the year.

Now if you have the leaked features and keyboard installed on your device it is probably safe to say you could do with an L based theme pack to really add to the overall L experience. Well now is your chance. Today an Android L based theme has become available to download on the Play store. This is a theme pack based on the leaked screenshots, fonts and L preview made available by Google recently. As such this theme looks to provide a cohesive looking L system. Understand this is only a theme pack and will not update your software or offer an L based user experience. Instead this will simply provide an aesthetic L experience.

Now for the bad news. This is a modified theme pack and as such is ONLY workable on CyanogenMod (CM) and Paranoid Android (PA) ROM’s. Which actually will be good news to CM users as we did report last week on CM publicly announcing they will not be implementing any CM based L features in the near future. If you currently do not have either CM or PA running on your device then you will not be able to use this theme pack. It relies on the CM open source theme generator which is only available currently on CM and PA installed ROM’s. So please don’t bother downloading if you do have either CM or PA as the app will simply force close each time you try to open it. This also does not seem to work on tablets either including those running CM and PA as of yet. So this is strictly a mobile phone running CM or PA available feature.

Also, as this is an early beta theme based on a very vague preview of L it is quite likely to be very buggy and have lots of minor issues. If you are a CM or PA user than you are probably already used to this warning anyway.

So what do I get? Well, yackovsky (the developer) has themed a number of the phone elements and using any of the features listed below will illicit an aesthetic L look and feel. If you did download all the keyboard and previous L features we reported on last week than you may as well give this is a try too and integrate the features into one (hopefully) seamless interface.

The elements themed include (there are some screenshots available on the download links provided below).

  • settings screen
  • notification drawer
  • quick settings
  • dialer
  • keyboard
  • icons
  • status bar
  • navigation bar
  • dialog windows and popups
  • sliders
  • holo white and dark elements
  • ringtone, notification, and alarm sound

If you are interested in giving this one a try and have installed either CM or PA than you can download the theme pack app from the Play Store. There are currently two versions available (paid and free) and the developer does insist there is no difference between the two versions. If you want to download the free version (always worth trying first to see if you like it) then follow this link over to the Play listing. If you want to help support the developer or simply have tried the free version and believe it is worth paying for than follow this link to the paid version which is currently $1.63 to buy.

John Anon
A guy who has travelled too much and seen most of the world has to offer. Now just fascinated with technology with a specific focus on Android, custom mods and personalizing devices to represent us all better. When not playing with his phone or tablet can be found in the kitchen cooking up a storm.