Android L unofficial ROM available for Nexus 4


It has barely been two weeks since I/O and L’s official introduction and we have seen a crazy influx of ported L features. Today though we are able to bring you the very first (that we know of) working prototype of L. This was created by some of the developers over at xda and (as of print) seems to be on the whole working to a good degree.

This morning we announced the release of a new app which provides an Android L theme for your mobile phone. This was simply a theme pack which when applied provides the user with the aesthetic appearance of L using the fonts, icons and the previously released Google L preview. However this was just a theme pack and did not provide any software updates or upgrades. A few hours have passed and now this has all changed.

The very clever folks over at xda have managed to create a working prototype ROM of Android L. Unlike the app reported earlier this one is a system upgrade and will provide users with an L operating system albeit a very basic and beta version.

The bad news is this is only available for Nexus 4 owners. If you do own a rooted Nexus 4 then you should give this ROM a try. The creators are recognized xda members and this certainly will be a fun ROM to install and one most people definitely won’t have. It is important though to remember this is a VERY earlier beta ROM and as such is likely to contain minor bugs which have not been picked up on yet by the developers. That said, this is certainly the best option you have to experience L at present.

If you are still unsure then click the link to head over to the xda page further explaining the hard work and achievements made on L for the Nexus ROM. If you are one of those who does not need any further convincing and instead are asking where to get the download. Then click the following link to head over to the official thread on xda where you can get the install instructions and download the ROM.

For those of you who do not have a Nexus but want the Android L look then click this link to see our earlier report on the L theme app. Please remember though you need to be a CyanogenMod (CM) or Paranoid Android (PA) user to get this app to work.

For everyone else…you will have to wait for the eLusive L.

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