Civilization: Beyond Earth to land on Linux & Mac around Holiday Season!


An official confirmation from Aspyr Media today confirms Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth to be slated for a Linux and Mac release later this holiday season. The latest entrant into the acclaimed series of 4X Turn based strategy, will be available on both the Mac and Linux versions of Steam as well as on the Mac App Store.

Aspyr Media, in collaboration with 2K and Firaxis will be bringing the new game to Linux. They were also the company for porting the previous versions of Civilization to Linux, with the latest Civilization V ported over to Linux earlier this year. As always, the Linux port will be a native port and will retain all the features of the game that is available on Windows. Additionally, the game will also support cross-multiplayer with the other platforms through Steam, so that you can enjoy those grand multiplayer sessions that only a Sid Meier’s game can provide.

The Windows version of the game is being launched this Friday. Users are already able to preload the game ahead of the launch. Although the Linux version is being a bit delayed, I personally think that rather than just make a superficial port like the Witcher 2, taking a bit of a time and making a native port that runs better is worth the wait. At least the company confirmed that there will be one.

The Linux and Mac versions are up for Pre-Order on Asper Media’s sister site The pre-order from the site entitles users to a redeemable Steam key when the game launches on the platforms later this year. Users who order the game from this site will also get access to the Exoplanets Map Pack as a free bonus.

A series of Dev Diaries will be put up on GameAgent’s blog, which we will keep an eye out for interesting bits. So stayed tuned for more on the game here.

Source: Aspyr Media Press News

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