CyanogenMod improves their information portal with the ‘Device Status Roster’


CyanogenMod have today launched a central device information point on the CM website. The ‘Device Status Roster’ is an extremely easy to navigate point of reference for anyone looking to install CM or find the latest download available.

According to today’s CM blog the most common question they are asked is why the users particularly device was not included in the most recent update. As a result CM decided to condense and provide an easier system for users to obtain the most relevant information regarding their specific device.

To help give you a central place to check up on this information, we’ve created the Device Status page on our wiki. This page will be updated alongside each monthly release to include an assessment of currently supported devices and what (if any) reasons prevented its release for that particular month”.

The new layout was only released a short while ago but already looks to be a great improvement on the previous design. Now when a user clicks on the device status page they are immediately presented with a list of all the currently supported devices alphabetically (and in view compared to the previous scroll down layout) underneath the latest release (M9 in the image below).


Once the user clicks on their specific device they are greeted with a very clear and readable device page, listing the device information, specific downloads needed and even a how-to-install guide.


This cleaner and more informed addition to the CM website it likely to be a hit with its users and certainly will at least make finding the information and relevant downloads much easier and faster.

If you missed the link above then you can check out the new format by clicking here.

Are you a CM user? If so what do you think of the new layout? Let us know.

John Anon
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