CyanogenMod users may not see Android L anytime soon


Since its unveiling last week at I/O the whole Android world (and further afield) have been salivating and craving Android’s new operating system, ‘L’. However it would seem not everyone is so keen.

Over the last week all the news has revolved around L with early leaks of its features and images. This morning we also reported of L’s source code released as a developer preview. This immediately led to many news articles incorrectly reporting that third party ROM builders will be able to soon offer L based ROM builds.

Well, according to CM (CyanogenMod) who is probably the most well-known third party ROM builder this will not be happening anytime soon. Instead CM is not so keen to jump on the L bandwagon and are holding a much more reserved and held-back position by releasing a statement very clearly indicating “L is for Later”.

CyanogenMod certainly are aware of the hype surrounding L and do understand users are keen to integrate the OS into their current devices. However CM asks users to be patient and not get too involved in what is currently an unstable and unfinished developer preview.

We could spend the next 3 weeks working on integrating CM features against this new platform, and then have it suddenly change dramatically and break in the final release of “L”. This would boil down to a waste of time”.

In spite of this very public dumbing down of L’s newest release CM are quick to note that this does not mean they are not interested in L and will be closely monitoring the released code and it very well may be implemented at a later date.

Now just because we aren’t switching gears to CM12 right away doesn’t mean we won’t be checking out the code release from today. This opportunity gives us the ability to cost out the level of effort for each CM feature, identify gaps in “L” and possible solutions for them, figure out what CM features can go, and run preliminary assessments on how badly device support will break”.

So for all you CM and L seeking users out there it will be sometime before you finally get a glimpse of a fully functional and stable release of L in a third party ROM.

However some good news for CM users is CM11 M8 (Android 4.4.4) is due for stable release just after the July 4th weekend so keep an eye out for your OTA updates.

For those interesting in reading the CM statement than follow the link and head over to the CM blog.

John Anon
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