CyanogenMod’s Apollo Music Player modified for Android L


Once again we find ourselves talking about Android L. Over the past month we have received numerous reports on Android L, bringing you Android L features, themes, keyboard, Heads Up and the official L preview.

More recently we advised a full port available for Nexus owners providing an overall L experience. This was also followed by leaked screenshots suggesting the Play Store will be updated to be in more in line with L’s Material Design guidelines. Now we can bring to you what seems to be the first modified app to work solely with Android L.

Apollo is the standard out-of-the-box music player provided with all CyanogenMod (CM) downloads. This is CM’s stock music player and generally seems to be quite popular. So much so one of the developers over at xda as modified Apollo to work with L. The modified music player adopts the Material design look and feel presenting a more cohesive user experience for those lucky enough to already be on L.

HenryMP (Henry Music Player) so-called by the developer is based entirely on CyanogenMod’s Apollo but with the newer Material Design appearance. This is good news for CyanogenMod fans as recently CM officially announced they would not be implementing any L features in the near future. Although CM might not be so quick to jump on the L train it seems developers will make sure CM features will be available. Below is a screenshot of what the interface looks like.

As this is modified for L it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to learn the app does not currently work on KitKat or lower versions of Android. The developer has created a ‘backport’ version of the app for Android JB (Jelly Bean) and newer. Unfortunately if you are on KK or lower it’s either the backported version or stick to the stock CM Apollo app. However, If you are lucky enough to be running L (basically a Nexus owner) than you can download and install HenryMP now. If you do let us know what you think?

You can download either the normal L version or the backported JB (or newer) version by visiting the developer thread. You can also read more about the app by visiting the xda post.

Source: xda-developers

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