Facebook launches hidden service for Tor users


I woke up today to news that Facebook, the biggest violater of it’s users online next to Google, has started it’s own hidden service for Tor users to connect to. The new address is: https://facebookcorewwwi.onion/

By connecting to the new address Tor users will get a greater amount of anonymity as your data and identity is protected all the way to Facebook’s data centres using cryptography offered by Tor. Lately Cloudflare has launched full out war on Tor with annoying captchas, I’m unsure whether Facebook still uses captchas for Tor users but hopefully connecting to their hidden services will make using Facebook decent again for Tor users.

As a warning to novice Tor users, logging into Facebook and then going on drug websites is a very terrible idea, if you want to remain anonymous using Tor make sure you reopen the browser if you don’t want evil Facebook cookies following your everywhere, by shutting down and reopening the browser you will have cleared the cookies.

The Tor Project mailing list contains an entry from Alex Muffet, a Facebook employee, who said that they got the incredibly easy-to-remember onion URL by using brute force techniques until they found a URL they liked.

If you take away anything from this is should be that the only anonymity you gain by visiting the onion address instead of the normal facebook address is that you hide who you are from Facebook’s ISP (a Tor user connecting to facebook.com will be identified as a Tor user by fb’s ISP.) The Tor Project Blog has a detailed piece on Facebook’s new adventures in Torland that goes into much more technical aspects of using onion addresses.

Source: The Tor Project Blog

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