How to get [unofficial] Android L keyboard for your Android device!


Google’s yearly I/O event is less than a week old. In fact it commenced a week ago tomorrow and this was the first real indication we were given of what to expect in the next few months. There was lots of big news announced such as Android TV, Android Auto and Android Wear. If you missed any of the information than click here to read our brief rundown of what happened.

For us, one of the big announcements was the launch of Android L. Well, this was officially only the introduction of L as the software won’t hit the market until later in the year…or so we thought. Three days ago we announced the clever boys and girls at xda had released a number of Android L features for users to download and side load on to their devices.

Well, here we are again and this time it gets more interesting. Three days after the availability to side load the Android L keyboard it is now available to download as an app. Yes folks, as an app. This means there is no more need to side load. Instead you can simply download the app and install it and start enjoying the upcoming keyboard now. Just keep in mind that it’s not an official app and is being developed by an independent developer.

The keyboard has a beautiful layout which moves away from tradition keyboards.
The keyboard has a beautiful layout which moves away from tradition keyboards.

The app is available on Google Play but it was not uploaded by Google but instead by ‘Shen Ye’ who has created a modified version of the apk to run as a standalone app. This results in a very easy installation. After downloading, the app adopts a three click system advising of what you need to do to configure the settings and within seconds (took me roughly 4 seconds) you are solely using L’s keyboard for text, email, WhatsApp and everything else.

So, if our news last week about side loading the keyboard was too much or complicated than you should definitely try this method. If you are interested than click the link to visit the Play Store listing. It is worth noting the app doesn’t cost anything and really is very simple to install.

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