The highlights from day one at Google’s I/O


Today marked the first day of a two day Google extravaganza at the Input/output (I/O) event. Google launched the event with a 3 hour keynote presentation announcing Google’s intention to evade every aspect of your life. Google unveiled ‘Android Auto’, ‘Android Wear’, ‘Android TV’ and ‘Android One’. Here we will give you a brief overview of all the main features Google announced.

More in-depth reports of each service will follow soon.

Android Wear

First up is Android’s take on the smart wear boom which has gathered steady momentum this year. All the big-name companies including Sony, Samsung and Apple are trying to get kick-start the smart wear market first and Google were no exception. ‘Android wear’ is the software which will be running on a majority of smart watches to hit the market in the next year and today Google showed off some of its features.

According to Google:

“Android Wear organizes your information, suggests what you need, and shows it to you before you even ask. Get messages from your friends, appointment notifications, and weather updates at a glance”.

During the keynote presentation a neat demonstration was provided to highlight its abilities. The audience were shown how to use an Android wear powered watch to order a pizza in less than 20 seconds, to receive real-time updates on flight status and receive other notifications on the watch screen.

Android TV

Some of you may remember in 2010 Google launched Google TV which was considered to be a massive flop and quickly abandoned the program. Today Google announced they were once again trying to get in on the TV market with the release of ‘Android TV’. After the recent success of Chromecast, Google will (later this year) release Android TV as an OS system for TV’s in a bid to rival Apple TV, Netflix and Amazon’s Fire TV. This service will include intuitive suggestions and recommendations, voice speech control and users will be able to control their Android TV using other Android devices such as phones and tablets.

For a more detailed description of Android TV click here to read our post

Android Auto

Not satisfied with simply controlling your laptop, phone, tablet, watch and TV Google also announced today the launch of ‘Android Auto’. This is effect will be an operating system for your car and will allow direct connection of apps and other firmware in sync with the Google ecosystem. In brief Android Auto will control all software features of your car including your Sat Nav which will be powered via Google Maps of course. In addition your in-car music will be controlled by Android Auto allowing direct streaming of Google Play, Spotify and Pandora Apps. In a bid to ensure safety Android Auto will also contain Google’s voice search allowing users to activate and control the software by speaking directly to the car while concentrating on driving.

Android One

Lastly, Google also announced today the launch of ‘Android’ One which in short is a budget version of the Android operating system. This is being seen as an avenue to allow Google to more easily access emerging markets by offering a budget version of their OS on cheaper smartphones. It is believed Android One will initially launch in India which is one of the fastest growing mobile markets which Google do not have a foothold in. However with the increasing demand for cheaper smart phones in the west it won’t be long before this also hits a shop near you.

Overall, the first day of I/O and Google’s presentation clearly indicated Google’s intention to unify the Google ecosystem. Some critics will see this as a further attempt by Google on privacy and an opportunity for Google to know where you are, your driving habits, TV viewings and generally be privy to every decision you make. However Google will probably argue this is merely an attempt to sync the important aspects of a user’s life allowing them to spend time less making decisions and instead simply be assisted by the Google ecosystem

Privacy-invading or assisted freedom – what are your thoughts?

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