KDE’s Plasma used in Hobbit movies [Video]


KDE Software continues to be the best of the breed Open Source projects which stays ahead of its time – thus the science fictional name ‘Plasma’ for its desktop environment. KDE’s Plasma desktop remains the most popular, community driven projects.

As we reported earlier that KDE Software is being used beyond enthusiasts, it’s used by Hollywood to create blockbusters, logic defying, films like Gravity. Now we have spotted KDE’s Plasma desktop in the post production of Peter Jackson’s Hobbit films.

Weta Digital published a small film on YouTube giving us a peek inside “the world of the animation team as they work out how to solve one of the most complicated shots in Peter Jackson’s film, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.”

You can clearly see KDE’s Plasma desktop hard at work there.

KDE Software is being used so much in film production these days that Eike Hein, who works in software and computer graphics fields, and was an avid collector of clippings showing KDE Software in use in interesting setting stopped doing so. He said, “…I haven’t been collecting as diligently anymore, though, for perhaps the best possible reason: It’s happening so frequently now that individual examples have lost much of their novelty.”

KDE is one of the most friendly (all Open Source communities are friendly and helpful) Open Source communities, if you have not tried KDE Plasma yet, this clip will certainly made you to give it a try.

[Courtesy: Ivan Čukić]