Leaked: Microsoft’s Android-powered Lumia in the works


We have already seen the launch of Nokia’s first Android-powered smartphones under the Nokia X brand earlier this year. And now it seems Microsoft is planning to bring a similar experience for its users under the Lumia brand.

New information from the famous tipster @evleaks suggests that Android-powered Lumia smartphones are currently being developed under the ‘Nokia by Microsoft’ brand.

@evleaks states “Big news: Android-powered Lumia incoming, from Nokia by Microsoft” on its website.

We have been hearing much about Microsoft’s plans to change the brand of Windows Phone handsets’ from Nokia to ‘Nokia by Microsoft’ since last month.

Another report also shows the recently leaked Lumia 830 smartphone to come with a ‘Nokia by Microsoft’ brand name.

It’s not yet disclosed when the company plans to release such a device, or whether the Lumia Android handset would embrace Google’s Android complete with Google services. But if the report turns out to be true, it is sure to help boost sales for Microsoft with users also benefiting from a thriving selection of apps.

It is worth mentioning here that Android currently dominates the smartphone operating system market, according to researcher IDC. Samsung leads in the Android camp, while the rest of the pack is quickly being made up of Chinese vendors.

Monika Bhati
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