LinuxCon NA 2014 kicks off in Chicago, new Linux Certification Program announced


“The demand for Linux skill has been far outpaced by the demand of Linux. 90% managers says its hard to find qualified Linux pro’s and the Linux Foundation has multiple efforts to help increase the supply of Linux talent,” said Jim Zemlin, executive director at The Linux Foundation, during the keynote at LinuxCon North America 2014.

To address this problem The Linux Foundation has announced a new certification program at LinuxCon NA 2014. The program is for both early-career and engineer-level systems administrators.

The foundation is giving away way nearly 1,000 free exams today to attendees at LinuxCon and CloudOpen and is offering exams to the next 500 people for a special introductory price of $50.

There is no region based restriction on the program; it doesn’t matter where in the world you are all you need is a web browser, microphone, Internet connection and web cam to take the performance-based exam.

The candidates will be tested on their ability to solve real problems in the command line rather than be tested on theory or be given multiple choice questions. The candidates will be free to choose any distributions from among these three CentOS, openSUSE or Ubuntu.

Jim said, “Our new Certification Program will enable employers to easily identify Linux talent when hiring and uncover the best of the best. We think Linux professionals worldwide will want to proudly showcase their skills through these certifications and that these certificates will become a hallmark of quality throughout our industry.”

The LFCS and LFCE exams cost $300 each and can be taken anywhere, anytime. Certification holders will receive a graphical mark designating their completion of the exam that can be displayed on resumes, LinkedIn profiles, websites and more.

Everyone attending the event got free certification exam! There was a card under each seat.