New features to be seen in upcoming GNOME 3.14


GNOME user experience designer Allan Day shared a sneak peek into upcoming features in GNOME 3.14 release in the GNOME blog.

The 3.14 release is expected around the last week of this September. Though the release notes will has an exhaustive list of features (as if you are going to wait for that!), Alan shares his personal favourites. As we can see, the next release is going to be a big one with respect to overall polish and user experience.

  • New Animations: A new “swarm” animation for the applicaitons view along with by browse application folders nd application launch animations. Window open and close animations got reworked as well. You can get a feel of the animations here.
  • Google Images in Photos: The GNOME Photos application now integrates with Google photos from Picasa, Android, or posted on Google+ and users can browse their online Google images right from the desktop.
  • Rewritten Adwaita: The GNOME 3 default theme, Adwaita, gets more finesse in every aspect. Progress bars have got thinner. Spinners look different. Switches are slightly changed. Almost every part of the theme has changed in a subtle way. Everything feels crisper, sharper and a bit lighter. There’s also a lot of subtle animations (using CSS animation support in GTK+), adding to the feeling of polish. In addition, around 8,000 lines of CSS have been reduced to about 3,300 lines of SASS.
  • Search More Things: Two new applicaitons to feed results to system search which is just one keystroke away to users all the time. Clocks will return search results for world cities. Find the time in a place throughout the world. Calculator will let users do powerful calculation right from system search.
  • Go Go GTK+ Inspector: This is a new tool for devs involved in GNOME technologies to assist in development and debugging.

GNOME is a highly popular desktop environment for Linux. It comes with its own ecosystem of applications for doing regular tasks.


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