In an effort to check spam email senders, Gmail and Yahoo want you to share your telephone number for creation of new email addresses. The popular free email providers require phone numbers for verification.

“Google has also limited number of accounts that a person using one telephone number can create but the website did not specify the maximum number of email accounts it will allow,” a PTI report said.

Here’s why Google asks for your phone number to verify your account. “In an effort to protect our users from abuse, we sometimes ask users to prove they’re not a robot before they’re able to create or sign in to accounts. Having this additional confirmation via phone is an effective way to keep spammers from abusing our systems,” the Gmail website said.

If you wish to create a new email address on Gmail, you can give either your telephone or mobile number. But for a new Yahoo email ID, it is now mandatory to provide a mobile number.

“At Yahoo, we are committed to the security of our users. We ask our users to provide their mobile number at registration as a secondary means of authentication, in addition to their password. We would only use the number if we see any unusual activity on the account,” Yahoo spokesperson told PTI.

Internet Service Providers Association of India (ISPAI), on the other hand, believe the move could conflict with privacy of an individual. Also, there is no regulatory requirement for making phone number must for having an email address.