Ubuntu Touch rtm image released!


Canonical has finally released the first image of Ubuntu Touch RTM. The news comes to the heels of announcement by Meizu that Ubuntu powered devices will becoming later this year. Another Ubuntu Touch mobile partner Bq has not announced any release date for their Linux powered devices.

RTM means release to manufacturing or going gold, the term is used for the software products which is ready to be supplied to customer as final product.

Ubuntu Touch has become an important project and product as it is one of those few open source projects from among Jolla and Firefox OS which is fully open source. So Ubuntu Touch going rtm is great news for partners and users.

Those enthusiasts who are already using UT on their Nexus devices must flash their devices with ubuntu-rtm/14.09 image to get stable and up-to-date Ubuntu Touch experience.

There are many bug fixes and improvement which an Ubuntu Touch user will get from this release, after all its rtm.

Łukasz Zemczak of Canonical says, “What to expect in this image? The list will be really hard to write up, especially that the baseline is not well defined – as it is our *first* RTM image that has been promoted. We also need to remember that all the landings are mostly bug fixes, as the time for features has passed. But let’s try anyway: MTP server fixes, Facebook chat notifications, Mir 0.7.1 (overlay enabled back again), Unity8 support for nested prompts, New Ubuntu UI Toolkit, Tons and tons of fixes for core applications, main UI, scopes and internal components.”

Want to try Ubuntu Touch?

It’s extremely easy to flash your Android device with Ubuntu Touch. Known for their documentation, Ubuntu developers have created a nice wiki to help users.

I have not tested the image yet, but I would take Zemczak’s words for it, “As mentioned by QA, this image seems to be the most stable ubuntu-rtm image we ever had. Most blockers have been resolved (along with the no-input unity8 lockup bug), with only more minor issues remaining.”

Note: If you have played with Ubuntu Touch rtm, why not send us a review of it and we will publish it on TheMukt?

  • Sasi

    2014 is nearing end, when will this phone see light?