W3C now endorses HTML5


The World Web Consortium, the body for body which decides on web standards has elevated the HTML5 specification to ‘recommendation’ status which is the highest endorsement level and is therefore standardised.

Since around 2010 web browsers have been implementing support for HTML5 features, now most of the browsers support most HTML5 features and it comes just in time for W3C recommendation for the technology. To check your browsers HTML5 support go to HTML5Test, which will give you the run down of all the supported features in your browser, you can also compare your browser to multiple versions of a wide range of browsers across different devices.

End users will now be able to expect even more dynamic web pages that resize themselves to fit to your device’s screen size, contain videos that require no plugins to view and the same for audio.

In addition HTML5 will see much more better games get developed for the web, Mozilla using various technologies have shown off desktop-like games in terms of graphics, if this were to become mainstream we may see a shift from people using traditional desktop and laptop to devices like Chromebooks, although post-Snowden privacy concerns make this a more distant reality than it was before. HTML5 also brings with it native support for scalable vector graphics (SVG) and math (MathML), anotations important for East Asian typography and features to enable accessibility of rich applications.

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