Watch out Motorola, LG set to release 2nd generation smartwatch and it’s round


Last week we began to hear rumors that LG were already working on their 2nd generation smartwatch which came as a bit of a surprise.

The LG G was only released back in July at Google’s I/O event although details are now coming through that this was simply a ‘proof-of-concept’ release. Behind the scenes LG had already been working on and anticipating a much bigger (and better) smartwatch.

The LG G Watch R as its being called is due to be unveiled (and possibly released) in less than two weeks at IFA in Berlin on the 5th September. It is worth noting this is the very day after Motorola are officially releasing the Moto 360.

The release date is also not the only similarity between the two smartwatches with LG’s new offering emulating the look and style of the Moto 360 with a much rounder and more stylish but traditional looking watch.

The Moto 360 has caused waves since its first public outing at I/O with the audience visibly more excited by its look and presentation compared to the Samsung Gear or LG G. Some critics will see the release of LG’s second generation watch as an attempt to capitalize on the Moto 360’s hype. However we are hearing that the new LG ‘R’ has actually been in development for at least the last year with the two different watches ‘G’ and ‘R’ always set for this release timeframe. This does not seem to simply be LG reacting and releasing another device but instead a much more intentional and clever use of timing.

Although we started hearing rumors about this watch there was no real confirmation coming through. As of today, there is still no actual confirmation although a mysterious and alluring video is making the rounds which appeared ‘unofficially’ on the LG YouTube channel further lending itself to the rumors.

With all the talk over the last few months of the Moto 360 and its round face it might actually be LG who steals the show by releasing an equally attractive but better designed Wear device. Either way all will be revealed in the next two weeks so stay tuned.

LG or Moto? Which will you be buying?

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