Watch out Tesla, Toyota to bring hydrogen fuel cells powered sedan in 2015


While Toyota is the brand that created Prius, the iconic hybrid vehicle, it does not want to go all electric and wants to focus on hydrogen fuel cells for backing its upcoming cars. The first is line is said to be a 2015 sedan that has been priced at ¥7 million for its launch market- Japan. It can be safely said that it will be competing head-on with Tesla’s Model S in the alternative energy vehicles category.

Wondering about the USP of this car? Well, it is being touted to offer a cruising range of 430 miles with a refuelling time of only 3 minutes. This will surely catch many eyeballs.

The car is being touted to offer a cruising range of 430 miles with a refuelling time of only 3 minutes.

It has been reported in The Verge that Japan will get the sedan by April next year and it will then head over to the US and Europe market in the summer. Clearly, California will be among the first markets in America that will be embracing this car, owing to its openness for new car technologies. Also adding to it is the fact that it is investing in hydrogen fuelling stations already. The biggest challenge still await Toyota, which is about ensuring the much-required support infrastructure to make it convenient for drivers.

The design was unveiled by the company at CES in January and the final prototype looks pretty much the same. However, the company is still working on the final specifications and its pricing for each region. Stay tuned for more updates…

Source: The Verge

Kalpana Sharma
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