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Zeus III Slot Review from WMS

Win big in Zeus 3 from WMS

When it comes to slot games, Williams Interactive has always been at the forefront innovation. And their newest offering, called the Zeus III, is a clear indication of this fact. It is to be noted that this new game is actually the third iteration of the company’s hugely popular Zeus slots, and is the second one in the series that can be played online (the second Zeus game was playable on Facebook).

Gameplay and Features

As a Williams Interactive game, you know that Zeus III will not be one of your regular, run-of-the-mill slots. Just from the look of the reels alone will tell you that the Zeus III will offer you a gameplay experience like no other. First off, take note how the reels are laid out. Instead of the usual three-reel strip, the reels in Zeus III have a sideways pyramid layout. But this is not a mere visual gimmick alone. The unorthodox layout actually gives players more chances to win. The “machine” has six reels and an astounding 192 pay-lines— this is a number that you just can’t find on any other slots game!

Let’s look at the game’s other unique features. Zeus III has a lot of symbols all designed around the Greek mythology theme like warships, coins, helmets, and others. But the most notable of these symbols is Zeus himself. He is one of the two wild cards in the game (the other one being the coliseum symbol) but his symbol can cover entire reels, allowing players the most value from the pay lines on which he lands on. With Zeus on board, you’ll have greater chances to complete winning combos.

Another great feature is the game’s bonus rounds. These rounds can be activated whenever you get three or more lightning symbols. And when you do manage to enter these bonus rounds… expect to win big. You’ll get anywhere from 10 to 50 free spins or more! It is important to note that during a bonus round; the reels will be reversed and be laid out differently. The first reel will have seven symbols instead of the usual two. These extra symbols can immensely increase your chances of hitting a jackpot. There’s also the fact that you can earn a 50x multiplier, so you’re winnings can increase exponentially if you’re lucky. The bonus mode actually seems to be the way-to-go if you want to win bigger prizes from this game.

Check out this video to see how the slot works

This video shows all the exciting features this amazing video slot from WMS has to offer.

Overall Verdict:

So, is the Zeus III recommended for slot aficionados? The answer is: of course. You can’t find any other slot game on the Internet that can offer you the best chances for winning than the Zeus III. The game continues the Williams Interactive tradition of producing great quality slot games and is a great addition to its roster. The gameplay is innovative and interesting, yet still traditionally familiar, and the pay-out rates are very impressive. The graphics and sounds are excellent; overall, this is just a great slots game for both newbies and slots professionals alike.

If you’re tired of your boring old slots, then be sure to give Zeus III a try.